NEO BASE is a polystyrene board with a construction application: for thermal insulation of building envelopes. is an environmentally friendly, economical and effective thermal insulation material. Slabs are recommended for installation in areas with high humidity, such as basements, foundations, gorges, supporting structures. NEO BASE boards can be used for a long time as a thermal insulation material at temperatures up to + 80 ° C, thanks to the fact that they are made in a mold machine by thermally expanding pre-foamed polystyrene foam granules.

The boards do not have cut edges and have particularly precise dimensions, thus ensuring minimum water absorption and maximum tightness of the joints and guaranteeing that there will be no additional heat loss through the joint. NEO BASE is manufactured under high pressure, obtaining the maximum density in the slabs, which in turn creates an optimal weight-to-volume ratio, ensuring a low coefficient of thermal conductivity and load resistance of the material. This production method guarantees low water absorption for many years, so that over time the thermal properties of the material will be maintained.

Storage conditions:

Store only horizontally, on the support surface of the product, in a dry place at a temperature that
does not exceed 70 ° C.
Do not store in direct sunlight for more than 1 week.
The product must not come into contact with solvents.
Keep out of reach of children!


There are two types of NEO BASE boards – NEO BASE 100 and NEO BASE 150. They differ in several parameters, which you can see in the product data sheets, one of the different is the compressive stress index, which NEO BASE 100 = 100 kPa and NEOBASE 150 = 150 kPa.